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Whatever gave you that impression, Dr Crane.. To what do I owe the pleasure of you dropping by?

Apparently there is someone suggesting you have a mental evaluation.

*She sighed, there was no way that this was a social visit..* Well, considering that you had mentioned it to my younger self, one of the grey folk have agreed with you it would seem..




She shivered at the touch, and once she’s listened, she replied.. “I’d love that, mi amor. I love everything that we do together because you always do make me feel special.. I can only hope that I do the same for you..” She purred, easing further into his touch..

"You do,…

She started to blush even more at the suggestion, and she replied, feeling herself burn even more.. “Ah.. Well, only if you would like to! I-I wouldn’t want you to feel embarrassed or anything..” She stammered, letting out a sheepish little giggle..

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Lilly: "P-Pariah... Pariah." She's alone, she want to be alone but she need to talk with someone. Maybe her...

The blue haired woman could hear someone calling out her name. She didn’t know this one, but she decided to try and seek out the source. Was it someone in danger? Was it something else..

It wasn’t until she spotted the other that she twigged on as to who it was. She’d seen this one before, but was surprised to know that they knew about her.. “That’ll be me, miss. Are you alright?” Pariah asked with a concerned look..

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