"Now that I definitely wouldn’t mind.." She said with a giggle before touching his face. "I’m all yours, mi amor.." Pariah sighed, eagerly anticipating his affections..

His smile only widened then. “Very well, dearest. I suggest you prepare yourself~” And with that she was lovingly smother in kisses and nuzzles.

"Come on at me, love.." She replied, starting to giggle as he lavished her with love and affection. She still couldn’t help but be amazed that someone so wonderful and loving would ever love her that much.. Something that amazed her since that very first time that they kissed two year ago..





Groot hoped that this would be good for teaching about the stars and where he had traveled. “I am Groot?” He hoped there wasn’t any confusion.

The blue haired woman could faintly see some little flecks of light, she’d seen the stars before, but…

The blue haired woman wasn’t at all startled, instead she stepped forward. “You’re Groot? It’s nice to meet you.. I’m not Groot though. I’m Pari..” She said with a smile before letting one of the little flecks fall into her hand..


thesocialpariah asked:

"You don’t think that I regret ever getting together with Robson? I do.. If I could change things, I would. If there was some way I could have it so that the one I love most could have been the first and only, I’d have it. Sometimes, I feel like I’m somewhat damaged because of Robson.." She admitted, looking at the desk. "I’m just grateful that for all I’m a load of baggage, someone doesn’t mind all that.."((hope you don't mind me sending this in, I think the thread went walkabout xx))

grandmasteroffear answered:

More silence as he scribbled down notes yet again. “Perhaps you’d care to elaborate on this feeling of being ‘damaged’,” he said, looking back up from his notes to attempt to catch her gaze.

((For the record, it’s totally cool for you to remind me about stuff. Don’t worry about it. ^^;))

"Where to start.." She muttered before clearing her throat. "There was many occasions where he’d tell me that I was fortunate that someone of his ‘standards’ would even think to give me a look in. There was times Robson would outright say that I wasn’t good enough… He played a lot of mind games. And me being the foolish optimist, thought he’d change one day.." She continued. "Obviously, I was wrong.."



"I wouldn’t say that it was such a crime to be so much in love with someone. Even if it was ‘wrong’, I’d never want to be right.." She replied, giggling as she felt him wrap his hands around her and ease himself down. "Mi amor! You’ve got me.. Whatever do you plan on…

"Now that I definitely wouldn’t mind.." She said with a giggle before touching his face. "I’m all yours, mi amor.." Pariah sighed, eagerly anticipating his affections..


ask-enderman-ler asked:

◕‿◕- Friends~★- You are a star.╰☆╮- I just want to hug you.

thesocialpariah answered:

That’s really kind of you, Ender.. Thank you! *Gives him a hug*




of  course my dear! also! i have all these lovely Halloween treats i was given, but sadly i cant eat to many of them…would you like some? I love sharing *purrs*

Would you mind if I had a few, please? But you haven’t half started early.. *she said with a smile* Looking forward to it, I’m guessing..

Well yes i suppose it is rather early..but its nice that people want to share such things with me i suppose. *offers the basket* please help yourself, i cant have too much or ill get sick *he laughs a bit*

That’s alright, Ender. Thank you very much for the kind offer.. *she replied, before carefully taking a few pieces out..* What kind of sweets are they?